NCPACA History & The Past Presidents

On October 27, 1984 three Filipino accounting organizations, namely PICPA-USA of San Francisco, PICPA-USA of Southern California and FAACPA of Seattle met at the Marriott Hotel in Santa Clara, California to form a federation of Filipino accounting organization in US. These organizations were represented by Rey Pimentel, Al Maglan, Simeon Orejudos, Nestor Duldulao and Ding Bituin of San Francisco; Elmer Simbol, Ben Alas, Frenz Rivera and Victor Sy of Los Angeles, Rufo Bruan, Bert Golla, Cesar Castaneda, Narciso Damo, Leandro Valmonte and Sesinado Cantor of Seattle.


  Marina Buenaventura




July 4-6 - The Woodlands Waterway Marriott Hotel & Convention Center hosted by the Filipino American Accountants of Texas ( FAATx Houston)

Elected President for 2020–2021 – Marlo Mallari of AFCA Toronto


August 31 - Sept 2 – The convention was held at Anaheim Marriott Hotel, Anaheim, California hosted by Philippine American Society of CPAs (PASCPA Los Angeles)


   Nora Galleros


AFAA New Jersey 


September 1-3 – Convention is at Sheraton Toronto Airport Hotel & Conference Centre, Toronto, Ontario, Canada hosted by the Association of Filipino Canadian Accountants (AFCA Toronto)

New Chapter member: NCPACA Atlanta

Elected President for 2018-2019 – Marina Buenaventura of FAATx


 Sept 2-4 – Convention was held at Hyatt Regency Bellevue, WA hosted by The Filipino American Association of Certified Public Accountants (FAACPA Seattle)


  Chris Banagan

2015 - 2014

​Washington D.C Chapter



Sept 4-6 – Convention was held at JW Marriott Washington DC hosted by FAIA Metro

Elected President for 2016-2017 – Leonora Galleros of AFAA New Jersey


August 29-Sept 1– Convention at New York Marriott Downtown hosted by Association Filipino American Accountant of New York (AFAA New York) & Association Filipino American Accountants of New Jersey (AFAA New Jersey)


  Vicente Ching

2013 - 2012

​Los Angeles Chapter  


August 30 - September 1 - The Sheraton Universal, Universal City, California hosted by Philippine American Society of CPAs  (PASCPA Los Angeles)

New Chapter member: Association of Filipino Canadian Accountants - British Columbia (AFCA - BC)

Elected President for 2014-2015 - Chris V. Banagan


August 31 - Sept 3 - No Host Convention at The Hyatt Regency, Cambridge, Massachusetts


  Librado Ibe

2011 - 2010

​Toronto Chapter  


 July 1-3 - Convention at JW Marriott Hotel, Houston hosted by FAATx

Elected president for 2012-2013: Vicente Ching of PASCPA LA


Sept 3-5 - No host Convention at Bally’s Hotel, LasVegas Nevada

NCPACA constitutions and by-laws were amended, opening admission of members at large. 


  Lolita Gillberg

2009 - 2008

New York Chapter​  


July 2 – July 5 – Convention at Hyatt Oakbrook hosted by PCPA Chicago

Elected president for 2010 -2011: Librado Ibe Jr of AFCA Toronto


Aug 29-31 – Convention at JW Marriott in Washington DC hosted by FAIA Metro


  Alvin Maglan

2007 - 2006

San Francisco Chapter 


Aug 31 –Sept 2 – Convention at Westin Harbor Castle, Toronto hosted by AFCA Toronto

Elected president for 2008-2009: Lolita Gillberg of AFAA New York


June 30 – July 3 – Convention at Hyatt Regency hosted by PICPA USA, San Francisco


  Rey Padilla

2005 - 2004

New York Chapter  


Sept 2-Sept 3 – Convention at Sheraton, Atlantic City hosted by AFAA New York and New Jersey

New chapter member: Association of Filipino American Accountants New Jersey (AFAA NJ)

Elected president for 2006-2007: Al Maglan of PICPA USA, San Francisco


July – July 4 – No host Convention at Hilton Hotel, Walt Disney, Orlando, Florida


  Bobby dela Cruz

2003 - 2002

Toronto Chapter  


July 3-July 5 – Convention at Westin Hotel hosted by FAACPA Seattle Elected president for 2004-2005: Rey Padilla of AFAA New York 


Sept 19 –Sept 21 – Convention at South Shore Harbour in Galveston, Texas hosted by TSPACPA Houston


  Sam Misa

2001 - 2000

Los Angeles Chapter 


Aug 31-Sept 2 – Convention at New Otani Hotel in Los Angeles hosted by PASCPA

Elected president for 2002-2003: Bobby Dela Cruz of AFCA Toronto


Sept 1-Sept 2 – Convention at Marriott Financial Center hosted by AFAA New York


    Klaus Buntua

1999 - 1998

Washington DC Chapter


 July 2-July 4 – Convention at Marriott Hotel in San Francisco hosted by PICPA USA

Elected president for 2000-2001: Sam Misa of PASCPA, LA


Sept 4- Sept 6 – Convention at Sheraton Hotel, Toronto hosted by AFCA Toronto


  Susan  Silvano

1997 - 1996

Chicago Chapter  


 August 29-Sept 1 – Convention at Marriott Hotel, Chicago hosted by PCPA 

Elected president for 1998-1999: Klaus Buntua of AFAI, DC


July 4 – Ju;y 7 – Convention at Marriot Metro, Washington DC hosted by AFAI, DC.

NCPACA name amendment to read: National Council of Philippine American Canadian Accountants

New chapter member: San Diego Filipino American Accountants (SANDIFAA) replaced FAICPA.


  Simeon Orejudos

1995 - 1994

San Francisco Chapter  


June 30 to July 3 – Convention at Double Tree, Seattle hosted by FAACPA.

New chapter member: Association of Filipino Accountants Inc., DC (AFAI)

Elected president for 1996-1997: Susan Alforque Silvano of PCPA Chicago.


July 1 – July 4 – Convention at Dallas, Texas sponsored by TSPACPA Houston.

New chapter member and host: Philippine American Association of Accountants at Dallas, Fort Worth (PAAADFW)


  Ben Alas Jr

1992 - 1993

Los Angeles  Chapter​  


This is the start of one a year national convention or conference.

June 28-29 – Convention at Mirage, Las Vegas, hosted by PASCPA, LA (Earthquake!)


July 2-4 – Convention at town & Country, San Diego hosted by FAICPA

Elected president for 1994-1995: Simeon Orejudos of PICPA USA, San Francisco.


 Edilberto Ortiz

1991- 1990

Chicago  Chapter​  


May 19 – May 20 – Spring Conference at Seatac, Hilton, hosted by FAACPA, Seattle.

October 5 – October 7 – Fall Conference at Houstonian Hotel, Houston hosted by TSPACPA


June 28 to June 30 – Convention at Hilton, Toronto, hosted by AFCA, Toronto

New Chapter member: Filipino American Institute of CPA’s, San Diego (FAICPA)

Elected president for 1992-1993: Ben Alas, Jr. of PACPA, LA

October 11-13 – Fall Conference at New York Hilton hosted by AFAA, New York.


 Rufo Bruan 

1989 - 1988

Seattle Chapter   


June 18 – June 19 – Spring Conference at Westin, Settle, hosted by FAACPA

October 23 – Fall Conference at Westin, Millbrae, CA, hosted by PICPA USA San Francisco


 June 30 to July 3 – Convention at Hyatt, Oakbrook, IL hosted by PCPA Chicago.

New chapter member: Texas Society of Philippine American CPA’s, Houston (TSPACPA) 

New chapter member: Association of Filipino Canadian Accountants, Toronto (AFCA)

Elected president for 1990-1991: Edilberto Ortiz of PCPA Chicago.


Rey Pimentel

1987 - 1986

San Francisco Chapter​ 


July 11 – First Convention at Disneyland, Anaheim, CA, hosted by PASCPA LA.

National Council Name Amendment to read NCPACPA or National Council of Philippine American Certified Accountants

Elected president for 1988-1989: Rufo Bruan Jr of FAACPA, Seattle

New Chapter member: Association of Filipino American Accountants, New York (AFAA NY) 

October 23 – Fall Conference at Marriott O’Hare hosted by PCPA Chicago 


January 19 - The Philippine CPAs of Greater Chicago joined the National Council.

May 17 – Meeting of the four chapters: PICPA USA San Francisco, PICPA USA So Ca, FAACPA of Seattle, and PCPA of Greater Chicago.

September 4 – The combined PICPA USA Southern California and Filipino Accountants Association became the Philippine American  Society of certified Public Accountants or PASCPA of Los Angeles.