Board of Councilor

The Councilor is a lifetime designation and title awarded to deserving members of the various chapters for their outstanding contribution to the    accounting profession and exceptional services to their chapters, to the NCPACA and their community.   After the initial year of the award     program, only a maximum of ten awardees are chosen every year.  Nominees are fielded during the year and evaluated by the Award    Selection Committee.  Selected nominees are recognized and awarded with    the Lifetime Achievement Award in person at the NCPACA Annual Professional Development Convention (held in a major city of USA or     Canada).

The Councilors form the core of Board of Councilors. The Board of Councilors does not supplant the governance of the Council but contribute to make the Council grow better and stronger.  The Councilors elect their officers every two years - governor and secretary/general.  Their terms coincide with the elected Executive Officers of NCPACA.

Currently serving the Board of Councilors as the Governor is Essie Claveria, a member of San Francisco Chapter (Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants)

2019 Board of Councilor Nomination


Nominations for the 2019 NCPACA Board of Councilor is now open and nomination forms should be submitted to Ms. Vivian Roz – Secretary General before midnight on June 10, 2019.    


Nominees are fielded during the year and evaluated by the award Selection Committee. The Selection Committee will review each nominee’s professional background and justification based on the guidelines and criteria set forth for the nomination and selection process. Selected nominees are recognized and awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award in person at the annual NCPACA Professional Development Convention. 


  •  To recognize those members who have made significant contributions to the well- being of their respective chapters and the NCPACA.
  • To serve as model and inspirations to all the council members to become outstanding members and officers in their own right.
  • To emulate and develop the leadership qualities of all members, thus, transforming them to become future leaders of NCPACA.
  • To enhance and revitalize the membership participation in all the affairs and activities of the chapters and the NCPACA; and,
  • To foster and enhance the spirit of camaraderie and friendship within the chapters and the National Council.


  •   A nominee must have been a chapter member for at least five (5) years and must have attended five (5) national council conventions within the last (10) years as delegate.
  • A nominee must have held senior position (Treasurer and above) in his/her chapter.
  • A nominee must have held an elected position at NCPACA or must have successfully chaired a major committee of the National Council.
  • A nominee must have done significant contributions and services to uplift the accounting profession and have made some important contributions to his/her community as well.
  • A nominee must have outstanding reputation in his personal and in his accounting career.

Nomination Process

  •   A maximum of two (2)      nominees can be submitted for each chapter every year. Nominations      can be made by any chapter member, preferably by an officer or a past      chapter president. Nomination can also be accepted from a councilor      from another chapter. Nomination can be submitted      ANYTIME to the Selection Committee during the year, but all documents must      be COMPLETED at least sixty days (60)days before the NCPACA annual      convention before it can be acted upon by the Selection Committee. 

  • Nominations can be endorsed      by the chapter president or any officer of the National Council AND must      be accompanied by written recommendations of two councilors. (Any members of the selection committee who is involved in the nomination process must  abstain from evaluating or voting on such nominees for purposes of objectivity and independence).   
  • All nominations must be      submitted in NCPACA official nomination form postmarked,
  • e-mailed or faxed to the      Selection Committee at least sixty days (60) days before the NCPACA      Convention.

  • The nomination form must      include a nominee’s statement of commitment to the Councilor’s concept and      willingness to serve when called upon by NCPACA or his/her chapter.
  • Nomination forms must be      accompanied with (a) the nominee’s recent passport size photo [2”x 2”] and      (b) an assessed nominating fee as determined by the Board of Councilors,      and payable to the NCPACA. Nomination fee can be paid by anybody (his/her      chapter, the nominator, etc.) except by the nominee.
  • The Selection Committee      reserves the right to reject nomination that does not conform or meet all      the guidelines, standard and criteria set up for the nomination. In such      case, the rejection notice and the nomination fee will be returned to the      nominating person or to the nominee’s chapter president.