Board of Councilor



The Councilor is a lifetime designation and title awarded to deserving members of the various chapters for their outstanding contribution to the accounting profession and exceptional services to their chapters, to the NCPACA and their community.   After the initial year of the award program, only a maximum of ten awardees are chosen every year.  Nominees are fielded during the year and evaluated by the Award Selection Committee.  Selected nominees are recognized and awarded with the Lifetime Achievement Award in person at the NCPACA Annual Professional Development Convention (held in a major city of USA or Canada).

The Councilors form the core of Board of Councilors. The Board of Councilors does not supplant the governance of the Council but contribute to make the Council grow better and stronger.  The Councilors elect their officers every two years - governor and secretary/general.  Their terms coincide with the elected Executive Officers of NCPACA.

Currently serving the Board of Councilors as the Governor is Essie Claveria, a member of San Francisco Chapter (Philippine Institute of Certified Public Accountants) and  as the Secretary  General is Vivian Roz, a member of New Jersey Chapter (Association of Filipino American Accounts - NJ).  The members of the Selection Committee are Rina Buenaventura (Chairperson), Chris Banagan, Imelda Bautista, Josie Domingo, Neva Fajardo, Al Maglan, Tess Miguel, Tony Silvano, Al Tupe and Zeny Quitlong.


  • To recognize those members who have made significant contributions to the well- being of their respective chapters and the NCPACA.
  • To serve as model and inspirations to all the council members to become outstanding members and officers in their own right.
  • To emulate and develop the leadership qualities of all members, thus, transforming them to become future leaders of NCPACA.
  • To enhance and revitalize the membership participation in all the affairs and activities of the chapters and the NCPACA; and,
  • To foster and enhance the spirit of camaraderie and friendship within the chapters and the National Council.




Newly Awarded 2019 Board of Councilors

Councilor # 93


Imelda Hebron

Seattle Chapter

Councilor # 94


Aileen Damaso

New York Chapter

Councilor # 95


Mercedita Gonzales

Toronto, Canada Chapter